Monday, 23 March 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Escaping along the lanes

Today's IAVOM is made up with wild hedge and tree material brought back from today's walk.  Mandy and I had been talking about biscuits, so today my 'biscuit-less' barrel is acting as vase for the Wild Sloe and Ash buds.  Ash is seriously affected by a virus and is sadly succumbing in this area.

Several nearby Ash Trees have been felled

I wonder whether this arrangement is a metaphor for how I feel, a little prickly but still with hope.

Close up the Sloe flowers are fairly insignificant, but en mass outside against a blue sky they shout out the arrival of spring, and are covered by early bees and bumblebees.  Later there will be a harvest for any Sloe gin makers.

Today's short walk simply took us through three fields close by the house.  Yesterday we had seen some primroses, and I wanted to check how they were doing of a sunny hedge topped ridge.

We pass an unusually shaped  Oak tree: here the hedge is old showing signs of having been layed, but now a machine does the quick trim early enough so as not to disturb nesting birds.  Song birds were in full swing this sunny morning.

This bank is probably an old one, reinstated is the past thirty or four years with newer hedge plants.

Turning back we have clear views of St Cuthbert's tower with the Cathedral behind, whilst Glastonbury Tor just on the horizon on our right.

Amongst the primroses, tiny white flowers of Potentilla sterilis aka Barren Strawberry

Barren Strawberry
I am joining Cathy whom I am sure will have a 'clever and thougtful post' as well as lovely garden flowers. Having just read Cathy's post I can testify to this, and it is worthy of lengthier reading.  Bon Courage everyone.....


  1. 'I wonder whether this arrangement is a metaphor for how I feel, a little prickly but still with hope' - what a profound statement, Noelle. I think we all know exactly what you mean. Sloe is certainly like that and the blossom against blue skies in particular is such a good indicator of the turning of the season. Thanks for sharing your walk too - I will probably do the same at some stage as it will become an even more regular part of my llfe for the next few months!

  2. Does no one lay hedges any more? a lost skill?

    1. Yes there are people who do it still, usually on 'show estates'. There are competitions and I shall look out for them when we are able to move more freely....

  3. Beautiful blossoms Noelle. I envy you having such beautiful countryside on your doorstep to take a walk in. Here we are in a busy town so there's nowhere quiet to temporarily retreat to. We have noticed though a big drop in the traffic and the somewhat eerie experience of very few planes flying in and out of Liverpool airport. We are under the flight path and normally at this time of year flights would be increasing as we get nearer to Easter. Hope that you share more of your walks as spring unfolds. Take care.