Thursday, 5 March 2020

Sweet Chicory Socks

Knitting socks is just the sort of thing to take one's mind off the weather.  I had this pattern lined up after having come across it when I was supposed to be sorting out my old Knitter Magazines.  As I was leafing through the most recent magazine Issue 147, I came across a 'Master Class' on tubular 2 x 2 cast-on in the round.

 As Sweet Chicory starts off with this type of rib, these were the ideal socks to start on.

Another useful lesson was using 2.75mm needles together with the method, has lead to a really comfortable cuff.  As I like long socks, with more repeats of the pattern, and slim ankles, I changed to 2.5mm needles after 4 repeats.

Another pair to add to my stash!

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