Sunday, 22 March 2020

Loved to bits on Mothers' Day

This morning here it was bright and clear with wall to wall sunshine.  When I wake up I love to walk into each room in the house, look out of the windows, turn round appreciate each room, and spot something that gives me a smile.

Today my eye was drawn to my cushion of brooches, and without any arrangement this is what was looking up at me.

We had already cancelled a visit to our beloved on account of my feeling unwell, and it would not have been an option this Sunday either for obvious reasons. After breakfast I open my lovely card with hand written message, so thank you M.  I thought about my Mum and my Grandma too.  My English Grandma was a great walker around her village and would know what all the wildflowers were called, the names local Lincolnshire names and where to find them.

The first yellow, therefore male, Brimstone butterfly flew across the garden...

This was therefore the theme for this morning, a short nature walk, as Mr S is now not on top form, simply to peer at the wild flowers on the other side of our garden wall.  Some of my friends know of my battles, for which I have completely dropped my weapons, to ensure appropriate management of the area over the wall in order to maximise wild life.

Whether because it has been so very wet up till now, or whether mowing the grass in the pauper's graves areas has been put on hold for the moment, the consequence is that primroses, wild white violets seen for the first time this year, has not been mown down with a hairbreadths of their life.

Varied lichen on the gravestones

Clumps of primroses

Primroses and moss

Primroses just over the wall
At this moment we Mr Renard trotted across our path, I could only stand and stare and admire its beautiful coat.

Carpet of white violets

Yet to be identified, probably a type of red dead nettle
We then left the cemetery and took a footpath back home.  By the stile .....


Wild Sloe
No mother's day with or without child may pass without cake.  On our return I made up a Victoria Sponge sandwiched with home made raspberry jam.  Happy Mothers day....

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  1. It must have been a strange Mother's Day for so many mums Noelle. We do not have any children but I was thinking of my sister today who was unable to see either of her two children today. Glad that you were able to get out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine. What a glorious spread of primroses.