Monday, 20 April 2020

Back garden activities - Refurbishing the bike

Our back garden activity yesterday in the gorgeous spring sunshine: bicycle refurbishment.

The charger or rather my work horse, aka Giant Bike XS, is now in tip top condition. It had its spring wash to start off with.  The car wash and wax liquid was used, and the wheel arch brush.  There are all sorts of cleaning systems for bicycles, and this is just one up from washing up liquid in terms of the myramid of 'stuff' available.  Then Mr S took over. New tyres and inner tubes were fitted, and all breaks, gears etc checked and adjusted as necessary. 

My Knight in bright new coveralls below, had invested so much time in the series of second hand bikes his parents presented to him in his youth that he has amassed the series of bike maintenance skills that I can only but admire.  He was rightly proud of the lovely brand new bikes he later purchased when he started work.  

Just over a week ago, once both of us were feeling well enough, we thought we would set out for a little ride on the levels.  We set off  and only made it down our hill, when investigation of the rubbing noise led to the conclusion that we ought to return home with me pushing my bike.  The back tyre was seriously worn, and having been pumped up, the inner tube was causing a large bulge.

Mr S spent some productive time on the pc, located a good deal, and we were quite amazed with the good turn around with the bike bikes, inner tubes etc. delivered this Friday.

I use my bike to pootle to town, and for almost all my shopping and local journeys, find parking the bike a doddle and the journey quick compared to the car.  It also limits my shopping to the capacity of two large very green panniers!  I use the term pootle but I have often had comments about the speed, and had people admire my 'electric assisted' bike. I am happy to 'correct them with a smile on my face'.  So it may be hard to cycle up the hill with a heavy load of shopping, but I see this as my quick moment of exercise, and if I can make it to the drive without getting off and pushing the bike, I am as pleased as punch.

My bike is probably good for another four years, except of course for the off wash, and pumping of tyres.  I've had this one since March 2011, so I guess 9 years for tyres is pretty good.

We'll be able to get a little farther than our little circular walk and spy some of the lovely old cottages around.  This pretty one with wysteria on Burcott Lane  was a picture on Saturday...

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