Monday, 27 April 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Small and sweet

 Cathy's vase this week is full of 'Nighttime sophistication and glamour' in contast to mine, which is very small and a sweet collection of flowers in bloom.

This morning I was removing the swelling seed heads from the dutch iris when one broke off by mistake.  Joining it is Ajuga reptans, the standard green one which has some fine flower spikes, and the white and yellow Corydalis  ochroleuca aka Pseudofumaria alba, both  from Alison C's garden.

The lovely dainty small white daisy with pink on the opening buds is the ubiquitous Erigeron karvinskianusThe small pink very sweet smelling head of flowers is Androsace sarmentosa Watkinsii.

For the last few days I have had this one rose on the mantleshelf.  I was given it and I was totally humbled that someone who has gone through the mill recently, remembered me and picked the first rose of the season.  It is called Just Joey.

Below is the tiny watering can with a couple of feathers found in the garden..

After having my own knitting on hold so that I could get on and knit the baby jackets etc., I have finished my latest pair of socks:


  1. Look at those socks - how perfect are they?! Look at the heels on them! I knitted a pair of slipper socks for one of the two grandchildren I look after on Thursdays when we are not locking down, as she didn't like to have her shoes removed, and my goodness I struggled turning the heels, although the second one was better than the first! Well done Noelle! And little sweeties you have shared with us - those ajuga floowers look huge until you put them into perspective ;) How touched you must have been to receive that perfect rose, Noelle

  2. You often introduce me to new things - that pink flower sounds grogeous and those socks!

  3. A lovely posy of spring flowers, although you seem to be heading rapidly towards late spring and early summer! :-)

  4. A sweet little vase indeed and a most beautiful rose Noelle. My sister has one which she bought when her son Joe was a little lad. I have not come across the yellow and white corydalis but the bright yellow corydalis has popped up in the garden of its own accord.