Monday, 6 April 2020

In a Vase on Monday - April 2020

I had planted some Narcissi Thalia for the first time last Autumn.  They were in one of the wettest parts of our clayey garden, and have come through the winter well.  I had hoped to put some of the three flowered stems in the Daffodil  Society's show which is held in Henton, but that also has been necessarily cancelled.  They have comes through the sunshine and strong winds unscathed, and deserve to feature at least once.... 

In the vase this week:

Narcissus Thalia

Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' little forgetmenot blue flowers

Gardeners' Gaiters Phalaris arundinacea 

Sedum Autumn Joy

Arum Italicum

I seem to be stuck for words this week.  Words escape me, I am not even my chatty self, I think it is the strange situation we are in.......

Linking in this week with Cathy with her Stark Contrast arrangement


  1. Is that the show they featured on GW on Friday, or was that from a different region? I guess it must still have been last year's though... Thalis is sucha pretty tulip and so beautifuuly WHITE! Your simple and unfussy accompaniments are perfect. Silence can be nurturing, but take care not to hold onto worries and negative thoughts, Noelle

  2. Thalia are one of my favourites. Must get some more next year. I hope you are feeling more like yourself by now. x

  3. Some situations are beyond description, Noelle. I love the combination of the Narcissus and the Brunnera. "Gardeners Gaiters" was a new one for me - I had to look it up. Best wishes.

  4. I love Thalia. I know what you mean about being at a loss for words... All the best Noelle.

  5. 'Thalia' is my all time narcissus favourite Noelle. They are simply beautiful. I can understand why you are struggling for words ((()))

  6. Thalia's my favourite too - a lovely vase Noelle. Keep safe.