Saturday, 4 April 2020

Meeting the suppliers on my doorstep....

In these strange times I have been more fortunate than many, for which I am grateful.  Grateful to people who are rallying around to reach out....

At the market, only a couple of weeks ago,  whilst buying my week's supplies, Johnnie the stallholder said that they may decided not to attend the markets, on account of the drop in footfall.  This was before the current 'stay at home' measures.  As we parted phone numbers were given.  On Monday I received a call, and on Wednesday I received a delivery of Wootton Organic Ewe's milk yogurt and cheese.  Sunny Side Farm is less than four miles away and is in an area I love to cyle through.

Yesterday we received an order of 'important' bottles.  Cider Vinegar is one of our daily 'medicines', as for apple juice and cider, well we are in Somerset now!

Having tried most of the mainstream brands and also Artisan made ones, the Organic Cider Vinegar we have settled on is one produced by Honey Pot Farm.  I used to get this at Glastonbury's Earth Fare.  Stocks of Honey Pot Farm's Cider Vinegar there have been sporadic over the last year.  We were down to 'deux doigts' in our last bottle.  I tried to encourage The Good Earth in Wells to stock it, and they said they would consider this in the future.

The Good Earth did come up trumps with a supply of flour, adding my order to the one to be delivered, and I went to collect it earlier this week.

Goats Milk and cheese too have been collected from Wookey Farm, and bumping into Sarah at The Good Earth, we are able to get home delivery, if this is on the day she comes into Wells. 

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