Thursday, 9 April 2020

On view in my jars

I love an open shelf with jars on view.  Ideally a walk in pantry would be my dream.  This is the 'use  shelf'  rather than the 'ingredient cupboard' from which, in reasonable rotation items are moved.  Ilove to look at the sheer beauty of the ingredients, and being at eye level remind me to use them. Right at the front are the cashews I have recently salt brined, and roasted with a honey and spice covering for nibbles early evening with drinks this weekend.  My preferred one at the moment being Kombucha or a gin and tonic at the weekend.

Jars are frequently inspected in shops to see whether they can make it to the shelf.  The glass ones with 'knobs' are probably over thirty years old, and collected by Mr S with his petrol vouchers, the more streamlined ones are from Douwe Egberts Coffee jars. If something I want comes in a Kilner type jar, that too may well be bought.  Later on my lovely friend Penny used to find the old Esso jars in charity shops....

Today I made some delicious Chicken Liver Pate...small individual jars get filled....

Whilst the Pate is still hot, I add a knob of butter and a sprinkling of herbs, to melt in the cooling oven used just minutes before to sterilise the jars.  When they are cooled, they will be frozen ready to bring out for lunch one of these days with some great sourdough bread.

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