Monday, 21 June 2021

In a Vase on Monday - Grace and friends

 I couldn't hold out any longer, this week it has to be roses.  This is just one stem of Rosa Grace which only needed a couple more elements.  I chose a few stems of the hairy leafed  Apple Mint to add as a scent enhancer, and some creamy edged Pittospurum tenuifolium garnettii.  A few weeks ago I was out in the garden and noticed an appealing scent and wondered what it was.  My nose took me to the shrub and I found that it was in full flower, by full I mean lots of flowers, but they are small and dark and against the dark stems only noticeable when you get in close.

The Vase is a cherished gift from Jenny, my Sister, who brought this back from her year teaching in Rouen as part of her degree.  The rocks and possibly a fossil came from our stop over at East Quantoxhead last week.

I've not been posting about the books I have recently read.  I have just finished 'Death with a Double Edge' by Anne Perry, and have enjoyed it very much.  This is not more normal genre, and a book from my WI book club, but I would certainly recommend it.

I'm joining in with Cathy and am looking forward to enjoying some other vases too. 


  1. A lovely, sparkling display, the shape of the flowers is truly perfect and the colour very pleasing. Happy Monday :)

  2. ...and what a Rose! Lovely Noelle! The color is so pretty.

  3. Those roses are wonderful, Noelle. I remember my surprise when I found flowers on a Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Sheen' the first time, although I don't recall any scent. Now I need to make a trip down my back slope to see what my 'Silver Magic' are up to ;)

  4. Beautiful roses, I can't read Anne Perry, too creepy!

    1. I too don't take to creepy films or books, but this one was full of suspense and I enjoyed it.

  5. Such a lovely colour Noelle. The cream and green foliage goes so nicely too.

  6. A beautiful rose Noelle. I must look out for Anne Perry books. I've not read anything by her yet.