Sunday, 27 June 2021

Pigeon pastilla inspired by Honey & Co

 I really ought to say Pigeon pastilla suggested by Mandy too: it had been her turn to choose recipes for us to try from the Honey & Co Baking Book.

I used 4 Pigeon Breasts rather than whole Pigeons, ground cinnamon  as I lost patience trying to find the sticks amongst my spices, For the filling I used almonds instead of hazelnuts as I had run out.  I did approximately half quantities, poaching the breasts in a small frying ban.and made all the filling yesterday.  Some of the almonds I ground up with my 'wand' with all the poaching liquid and the orange slices to make a matrix in which I turned the chopped figs, and sliced pigeon breast. 

I formed two pastilla in metal pies dishes, and when cooked turned them out and served with some nice veg.

The whole pastilla was very appealing, and having reminded myself how easy it is to use a few sheets of filo pastry to transform something in order to give an attractive presentation, I can think of many more ways or fillings I could use fillo, such as doubling up on my chicken tagine, with the aim of making some pastilla filling or wrapping salmon etc.

To cap off the meal I made ice cream this evening, using goat's milk. It is based on an egg-custard therefore avoiding cream. Half was made into a classic vanilla and the other half a rich chocolate.  Its an awfully long time: years and years since I made ice-cream, and only turfed out the ice cream making machine when I happened to fall on the recipes again in an Italian Cookery Book I was leafing through last week.

All this on the same day as our Wells WI cycling group inaugural cycle ride, baking three sourdough loaves and a visit to Midney Gardens.

The other recipe I have yet to bake: chocolate and pistachio cookies...that would go well with the Vanilla Ice Cream!

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  1. I was thinking about the big fat wood pigeons in our garden when I read this, Noelle...