Saturday, 12 June 2021

Six on Saturday - 12 June 2021

Things are romping away, staking is paying dividends, or should I admit I could have done more.  Jon the Prop who is currently helping others, is gathering us as usual this Saturday.  Lovely shrubs and plants there and no doubt on other posts from fellow bloggers.

 1. After the success from a taste point of view of growing only a few peas, this yearI have grown something new.  This is the white flowered sugarsnap pea Deliket. The seed supplier describes this variety as compact, but I'll eat my hat sorry peas but these are nearly as tall as I am! 

2 The second variety is a 'Mangetout' called  Carouby de Maussane which also is as tall as I am, 

with beautiful flowers which with their mauve and purple hues are exceptionally decorative, and would grace any potager whether small and humble like mine or in one of the many beautiful walled vegetable gardens of great houses. Though I think their mode of support would be far superior.  I shall certainly be growing these again, and will work on something more decorative for next year.

Between the two sets of two tall peas I have a row of Meteor first early as grown last year and those are living up to their description regarding height.

3. Rose Open Arms is in full swing operating as the go to place for all the bees and other insects.

4. Rose Munstead Wood is stronger in its second year in this spot: a deep and rich fragrant red...

5. Grace too is looking wonderful...

6. Phuopsis Stylosa has been doing its thing of forming a dome topped all around with its pretty small blooms again another favourite of the bees.  This plant with its attractive foliage is growing on a dry sunny patch and is perfectly happy with a good cutback, and comes again for a second or even third time in the year....Think of it as a Lady of the Causcasus's bedstraw, in a way similar to Ladies' Bedstraw, of the same family, but with an exotic touch, as decorative as any Persian rug.

Today I shall be having friends from my WI visit the garden in groups of up to Six, and we have several gardens open.  I've given the garden a great tidy up, and Mr S has joined in picking up leaves, sprucing up the seating area etc.....It just makes us appreciate what other owners do to get their large gardens ready.  I'm going to go through my long spread sheet, and print off the names of all the plants which may be of interest at the moment...wish me luck!

I may contemplate, but also need to seriously consider when to harvest my garlic:  I'll be reading up about this for my home work next week, and report then.


  1. Before I forget to say - good luck with the visit, I am sure it will go splendidly. Love the phuopis, I had forgotten all about its existence. Lots of beautiful roses this week, and yours are no exception. Have fun Sis x

  2. Beautiful roses and good going with those peas! Mine are seedlings still, but am hopeful.

  3. Very lovely roses! I am a Munstead Wood fan because of its heady fragrance and deep color -- and it's the first to bloom here.

  4. I love the rich dark colour of the Munstead Wood rose. I'm very tempted to try growing Carouby de Maussane - pretty flowers and edible pods sound like a good combination.

  5. How lovely that the mangetout peas have beautiful flowers as well as providing food. A winning combination! Phuopsis is a new plant for me and looks as though it would be a great addition to the garden.

  6. I do like the variety 'Mangetout' that you present to us; the colour of the flowers is really beautiful and it changes from the classic white. Nice choice of roses and this Phuopsis Stylosa is an eye catcher carpet!

  7. A fine selection of Roses. I always appreciate plants that look nice and taste good! The Mangetout is certainly one of those. I would say Lettuce 'Lollo Rosso' is in that category too!

  8. 'Munstead Wood' is such a fabulous colour isn't she and her scent is divine. Hope that the WI garden visit went well 😄