Monday, 7 June 2021

In a Vase on Monday - June

For the first vase of June, a few of stems from the garden give a calm looking arrangement., with nodding seed heads that quiver showing  movement within the room causes eddies of air. 

Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver' is looking fresh with its silvery leaves and spikes of purple flowers. Remnants of seeds of Love in the Mist have been biding their time in the garden soil and then growing where they will, but judiciously weeded out where they are not wanted, but in the main they wind about the clumps of the beautiful quaking grass Briza maxima 

Love in the Mist has returned
Remnants from years past
Blue or pink hued mantels bleached
Or hidden deep in the intervening time
In this regeneration.

Why named the ragged lady?
Devil in the Bush you are not
With your green finely crafted ruff
Sometimes equaled to the Hair of Venus
Your charming beauty beguiles me.

                   Noelle Mace 2021


  1. I do love Briza maxima, but wished it did not seed around so freely - now, if it was nigella that would be a different matter!! Such a soft and gentle vase, Noelle, the perfect antidote for a hot and unforgiving day, and what a delightful little tribute you have written to the nigella

    1. Thanks Cathy, here with all the other plants so closely packed, the Briza is more noticeable in the winter, but where ever it is not needed, they are easy enough to unproot.

  2. We've both used Nigella this week, Noelle. It's become one of my favorite annuals and, while I knew it went by the name of love-in-the-mist, I only recently heard it described as devil-in-the-bush. My local botanic garden was responsible for that label and I was irritated by the reference on the flower's behalf. I love the delicate Brizia too, yet another plant I've tried and failed to grow.

    1. Why Devil in the Bush, I am yet to find out. They are reseeding gently around the garden, I think with a little help from ants.

  3. Oh such a pretty, light and airy vase Noelle. I've not come across the name of devil-in-the- bush either and can't say I like it 😂 I have briza maxima appearing in odd spots and it's most welcome up to now. I enjoyed your poem.