Sunday, 6 June 2021

Seeking Angels and finding ones at Martock and a visit to Honey Pot Farm

Back in March Mr S happened to be watching the local evening news for the South West of England when on hearing the word Angels I quickly moved to the watch the piece and was touched by the efforts of raising money 

With a repairs to the clock at All Saints Church requiring a fund raising boost, local Artist Sharan James is making angel ornaments using some old surplus Victorian glass from All Saints Church, which has been lying around for some 30 years. 

In my round about way, I made contact with Sharan James . My order was duly placed with a note that I was not in a hurry, preferring to wait till many restrictions were lifted.  Having recently received the call that the order was ready for picking up, it was time to get out in the car at last.

As our 'cellar' of apple juice and vinegar was in need to filling, a planned  visit nearby Honey Pot Farm was our first stop.  For over a year we have had a regular delivery, and on his last drop off, Colin invited us to visit them any time.  Julie and Colin Coben and their assistant Ben welcomed us with coffee and excellent peanut butter biscuits, and a tour of the small holding and apple orchards.  The surrounding Oak and Wellingtonias giving the large area a sheltered feeling.

Martock is a beautiful large village with many fine buildings built from the local golden hamstone.  After an enjoyable lunch at The George Inn, finding the artist's home allowed a walk down the whole length to the area known as Hinton, passing many fine and interesting old buildings.  There were many prettily planted fine gardens too to enjoy.  I have not been feeling on top form and this was an outing to take my mind off things.  

We shall return at a time more is open as I should love to see the inside of the old church and read more about its history, and of course view the angels on the ceiling.

We have just had the car serviced and in one year we have only done 1400 miles, and that included our trip to Martock, hopefully the first of several days out this summer.


  1. Sounds as if you had a good day out Noelle. What are you going to do with your angel? I hope that you are feeling brighter soon.

  2. Really do hope you are more yourself soon, Noelle