Sunday, 17 November 2019

Parsnip Soup

Arriving home yesterday, a couple of 'things' lay outside our front door.  Home grown and fresh, and having been an 'allotmenteer' I recognised  freshly dug parsnips.  Even with the multi branching roots which they are not really meant to have, I knew they would be tasty.

After a certain amount of brushing and cutting off the long thin bits to get all the mud off, they were ready, but for what?  Its cold and so what better than a cream of parsnip soup.  Butter, onions, parsnips with skin on, milk, water, sage, salt and pepper, nutmeg,  and blue cheese, and toppings of roasted hazelnuts more sage and half and half butter and olive oil.

Lunch today, and enough for another lunch for two for another time.  Thanks to our neighbours for passing on supplies from relatives.

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