Friday, 23 April 2021

Balkan Cheese Bread from The Baking Book

 My kind and generous friend Mandy recently sent me a book.  It was a complete surprise and I get a smile still thinking of my reaction when I opened the posted book.  Mandy had known that I had visited Honey & Co in London, and that I had probably borrowed one of their cookery books, soon after from the library, but had yet to have my own copy.  We take it in turns to choose a recipe.  So being my turn I have chosen Balkan Cheese Bread.  When Mandy bakes hers, I shall put a link to her post here.  She is a superb photographer and has a great way with words, so it will be interesting, not just to me, but to anyone wanting to try this load, to read Mandy's post.  If in the meantime before you get your own book, the recipe was published in Delicious Magazine.

I've used local Wootton White and Milestone Sheep's cheeses which I buy from Wells Market.  The Bread was delicious, and Mr S & I both thought the dough was excellent.  With the egg yolk and the golden cold pressed rapeseed oil, the dough had a soft briochy texture, which balanced very well with the leeks and the cheese.  The Nigella seeds and the chilli flakes were a great flavour too in amongst the cheese goo.  I have made several cheesy layered breads such as Tootmanik s Gotovo Testo, a Bulgarian Bread and I recognised that Honey & Co's Balkan Cheese Bread would be excellent.

This is a large loaf easily serving six hungry people together with a bowl of soup.  We ate just a third, and there are now two chunks in the freezer.  Next time I shall make two smaller loaves from the same amount of ingredients.


  1. Oh that does look good Noelle, I knew you’d make a success out of it. I shall take care to read the recipe very carefully before I start. Hopefully by Friday, as the lurgy is much improved.

  2. It would be lovely for you to have when your boys come to visit. I'm sure you will make a great one. I'll be making this one again, maybe using other veggies in season. I can imagine courgette, spinach, sweetcorn, shall I go on? and in combination too. It would make a great picnic loaf.