Thursday, 1 April 2021

Henton Gardening Club Zoom Meeting April 2021

 April's meeting will be broadcast via Zoom.  Details and codes will be emailed to all current members. 


Over the Sea to Skye

The Isle of Skye’s unique geology and topography have produced one of the most famously varied and well-studied floras of all Europe. Most visitors only see Skye during the dramatically long days of summer but to appreciate the true pulse of island life you have live through the wild wonder of stormy autumns and magically white winters. Owing to Skye’s proximity to the Atlantic Gulf Stream, it often experiences a climate similar to that of Cornwall. This talk will explore the extremes of environment that gardeners endure in order to grow bountiful produce, emulating the complete self-sufficiency of the ancestral islanders. This well-illustrated presentation offers a panorama of Skye’s landscape and contrasts Island gardens, public and domestic, with the beauty of it’s natural vegetation.

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Our speaker is Henton Gardening Club's Chairman Dr Tim Hooker

Tim has always had a love of the mountains and wilderness and as a student it was his fascination with ferns, mosses and lichens in the Scottish Highlands that led him further afield to do his doctoral studies on an Antarctic island. Remarkably, some of those lichen species are bipolar in distribution and can be found growing on the Isle of Skye where Tim retired after a career in bio-sciences. He retains a passion for research into the natural world. He has authored many academic scientific papers and is currently writing a book with a fellow physicist on the unsettled questions in plasma and astro-physics. He co-organises international physics conferences and the Science and Medical lecture series at the Royal Institution in Bath and he is deeply privileged to be an active member of Henton Gardening Club”.


​Members may join our Facebook group and post questions there, where of course other members may be able to help.
 You are also encouraged to share something interesting in your garden, or if you have any spare plants you are willing to share.

Requirements to join the Zoom meeting
1. Be a full paid Club Member
2. Follow the details which will be sent out to individual members by email.
Anyone may join as a new member at any time.
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