Friday, 23 April 2021

Visit to Yeo's Organic Gardens

Wells WI "Blooming Fun" gardening group only recently formed.  We have already been able to meet via zoom, and discuss what each member can bring, share or would like to gain from the group. Sharing plants from our gardens, for me has been a joy.  During the recent very restricted possibilities, Wells WI has devised many solutions to bring a sense of connection and also open up new opportunities for our members.  This gardening group is lead by two members, along with input from all interested members. 

Today we had our first outside meeting. For our first garden visit the weather was absolutely glorious, if a little cold and breezy . At Yeo's Organic Gardens, blue skies, good paths  and just the joy of being able to be outside together meant that our two hour morning slot just whizzed by. We went round in small numbers, but would often call out:  " Did you see....." which meant turning back and retracing our steps and discovering little tucked away gardens easily missed.

As this was one of my first outings, with friends, since the most recent lock down, and also my first visit to this garden, I was not really concentrating on taking pictures.  At each turn were areas to beguile. 

In a small enclosed woodland,  Himalayan Birch trees grow tall and straight.  Although one's eye is drawn to the far side of the woodlands, one cannot but also pause, taking note and admiring  the large  range of spring woodland plants covering the ground, as in a Millefleur Tapestry.  

Already the fine crosiers of ferns and young leaves of foxglove plants look forward to the shadier months  when the violets, anemones, scilla, and erythroniums and many others will have fallen to their summer rest.

One cannot help but be drawn,  and then smile as with each step woodland reflections curve and shimmer. I get a sense of theatre and drama and of movement.

Today it was the reflections which resonated with me. It seems this space has its very own mood encapsulated by this figure of a man balanced exquisitely and mirrored on the calm surface as if in a trace.

On my second visit just a week later, when I complemented the owner on the beautiful Bronze and how it just possessed the space, Sarah Mead mentioned that the sculpture was by French Artist and Sculptor Nicolas Lavarenne, and that it had been a present for one of her big birthdays.  To think we all get to share in the beauty of her birthday present, just how generous is that!

Each area felt different, whether enclosed or backed by local stone walls, or hedges. Nestling within the Mendip, and  surrounded by rolling hills there is a feeling of greenness and tranquility. I don't need this Crystal Ball to foretell many more visits to these gardens.

There was a joyous display of Parrot Tulips.  As Yeo is the manufacturer of delicious yogurts and other dairy produce, this pot full certainly made me chuckle.

With feathers of colour on curved and crinkly petals

the parrot tulips both free and enclosed made a fine display on the terrace.

This is certainly a garden worth visiting several times during the year.


  1. How exciting to have a garden visit, especially somewhere new. The pictures of the birch trees and the reflective building caught my eye - surely that was where part of the recent BBC garden design programme was filmed?

  2. I haven't seen the BBC garden design programme, but from all the areas, there is so much that garden designers or people wanting to develop part of their garden can take anyway and put into practice.

  3. Glad you managed a trip out, quite a novelty these days! Looks like a great place to visit, thanks for sharing :)

  4. You are welcome Andrew. I am hoping to go again soon, to soak in more of the lovely planting, and hopefully take more pictures.