Monday, 19 April 2021

In a Vase on Monday - Forced to show these

 I've come to the conclusion that on the main, as regards flowers and plants, I am a natural sort of person enjoying unforced flowers in their natural season.  In early January I brought the pot of Alstromeria into the conservatory after the growth had got frosted.  After pulling all the stems, the plant took off, and is now in flower.  

Today, I moved the pot outside and picked a few stems.  So having in effect having been forced in the conservatory, I am now forced to show the Alstromeria 'Indian Summer'.  It is not often that one has naturally growing flowers of this hue in the Spring time, which may be the reason it feel a little weird.

As for the accompanying  'greenery' a stem of of the Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem' was sacrificed.

For my WI bookclub I am reading Miss Austen by Gill Hornby. For any lovers of the novels of Jane Austen, this is a 'must read'.  Mr S is already queuing up to read this.  The book is propped up against the warm and comfortable Mosaic Carpet Cushion.  I have such wonderful memories of going of a workshop with two good knitting friends.

Cathy who is the center of the IAVOM universe, has settled on The Blues this week, with of course great bits and pieces about concerts and hobbies woven in.  A good read indeed, very well done Cathy.


  1. Glad you shared your striking Alstromeria. It deserves a showcase and your floral design shows it off beautifully.

  2. Even though it might seem strange to see this colour amidst more typical spring blooms, it is still a joy to see your alstromeria - and how graceful it looks, complemented beautifully by your stem of Sorbaria, not a plant I know at all. When you last talked about the alstromeria it prompted me to plant out the one I had been nurturing from a plug plant since last autumn. It is looking pretty happy, albeit a little floppy, and mine has a flowerbud too! I always check out your reading choices when you share then, often taking up your recommendations, so this is one I will be looking out for. Thanks for sharing today, Noelle

  3. Your Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' looks better than mine, which has only just started to flower - even though it actually feels like summer here. I appreciate the graceful greenery too. I do need a lesson in keeping things simple.

  4. I love the Alstroemeria and just potted one that is probably brighter than that from my mother's garden. Hope to see some red and chartreuse flower this summer. Nice, simple arrangement to show off the flowers..

  5. Well, they may seem odd for an April vase, but they are nonetheless pretty and such a nice colour. Makes a change from our spring pastels, :-)

  6. Oh that is most striking indeed Noelle though as you say it's a departure from the normal spring pastels. Thanks for the book recommendation which I will look up. Our reading group has just finished Monique Roffey's 'The Mermaid Of Black Conch' which we all apart from one member thought was a brilliant book.