Thursday, 15 April 2021

Swiss Dark Flour in a Sourdough Loaf Tin

 It is ages since I wrote about using the Swiss Dark Flour from Shipton Mill. As another bag was added to the last order, I thought I ought to get baking with it.  The quantities just fill the two Silverwood 1lb loaf tins, which are larger than similar named ones by other companies.

My refreshed starter was bubbling and vibrant and made from 80g each of healthy mother, with 80g each of White Strong Flour and water, left to bubble overnight.

The remainder of 400g Strong White Bread Flour, and 150g Swiss Dark Flour, 320g water initially, plus a little more for wetting hands, worksurface etc. and 10g salt.  I follow the kneading, and the stretch and rest methods as for Sourdough baking.  This is a version of 'Mighty White'. 

 Another time I will use equal proportions of white and swiss dark flour for a more robust loaf.

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