Monday, 22 November 2021

In a Vase On Monday - 22/11/2023

 After a run of warm and cloudy weather, we have bright clear skies, and a northerly breeze, so although we still haven't had a hard frost, I thought it precautionary to cut some material from the garden yesterday afternoon, and they stood overnight in a bucket of water.  I had fully intended getting some gardening done after that, but it was too cold for me.

The vase was quickly assembled early this morning and photographed in the living room with natural side light.  With a westerly facing window the light gave soft shadows.

In the frame but out of focus is another of the smaller terracotta soldiers picked up all those years ago when we visited the archaeological excavations, where we met one of the old farmers who discovered this wonder of the world.

In the vase are  Pittospurum garnettii,  Fuchsia Delta's Sarah, Salvia Amistad and Verbena rigida

Inside we have continued to enjoy last week's Salvia Leucantha, with the odd shed of petals.

Again with a larger standing terracotta army soldier figurine.  We bought from a farmer who made these in his garden.  We were directed to only buy from the official shops.  However I felt that this enterprising chap would be my source.  The guide was able to translate for us, but his advice was that these handmade soldiers would not last.  I have had them for 25 years and the tall soldier was even in the garden for several years. 


  1. Nice! The statuary and its backstory enhance the beautiful flowers. I dislike gardening when it's cold at all. Have a good week.

  2. Ooh, fuschias! How lovely in that soft light. I have admired your little soldiers before, and it is nice to have memories attached to them. Lovely salvias too.

  3. I love your soldiers and the story. The fuschia is really a pretty one, when I grew that Salvia further north I was always amazed at how long it lasted.

  4. I love the shadows created by the setting, Noelle, and the soldiers do a good job in supporting the vases (I must remember I have some teeny Terracotta Army figures that have not yet apeared as props - or perhaps they did just once). I have recently got a single flower spike on an Amistad cutting - but that's all, and I am not going to even try with it any more because it always disappoints.

  5. I'd say those terracotta soldiers have held up well indeed and I'd wager they have at least another 25 years in them. I'm very impressed by your fuchsias too. I wish I had a fraction of your success growing them.

  6. Your soldiers have served you well Noelle. A most fortunate purchase. I like the contents of your vase too. My 'Amistad', a cutting from a friend who I gave a cutting too hasn't done that well this summer but I think that it was down to the weather. I hope that I can just get it through the winter and then I will replant it in another spot where it has previously flourished.