Friday, 12 November 2021

Inspired by Jordan Bourke's Fig, Almond and Cinnamon Sourdough

When I last visited the library my interest was peaked by a book entitled 'Health Baking', and a quick flip through let me know that this book ought to come home for a lengthier perusal. 

I have out at the moment Vanessa Kimbell's School Sweet Baking, but for my current mood am finding that a little too intense.  Jordan Bourke's Healthy Baking is more to my taste and has some delicious looking ferments and ways to use whole grains in mixed dishes with vegetables.  

Using just a few of the delicious dried figs, which I almost always have in stock, as well as some whole almonds on my open shelves, the Fig, Almond and Cinnamon Sourdough recipe is the first recipe I am baking from Jordan Bourke's book 'Healthy Eating'.  I followed  the recipe except I omitted the cinnamon and in its place used some crushed cardamom seeds.

I also halved the dough to make two 500g sized loaves.  Made with a mixture of white and whole grained spelt, it makes a delicious breakfast bread which we had fresh the first day and toasted this morning.  There is only a slight sweetness so this bread also goes very well with cheeses. 

From his website I found this Panfried Chickpea Fritter recipe which will be on the supper menu in the coming days. 


  1. Do you prefer Spelt to wheat wholemeal.

  2. I like the both! That is an expression I coined when I was little by the way. They have a different mouth feel, and the dough and rise are different. Spelt to me feels creamier, though I do choose wholemeals with a finer bran size. It is a question of taste. What do you feel about the two different flours. I often use a mix or in combination with rye.