Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Copy Cat Flat Bread

If its got rye in it,  its likely to be Swedish...and I love the original name 'Polar Bread'.  This recipe comes from Home cooking with Sonya.  We are baking buddies on the Facebook page of The Book of Buns.

We had run out of bread, what with the need to get the garden up to scratch reading for the Kenilworth in Bloom competition, and needing rests from time to to time.  The judges arrived early yesterday and were suitably bribed with the last of the sweet buns in the freezer, warmed and puffed up, and tea.

They were hastily made on Sunday...actually they take a little time to cook on the griddle, 3 minutes each side, but with 3 at a time it was easy.

I made them smaller making 10 all together, but I think I shall go smaller to 12 next time.   We had them filled with a chickpea stew for Lunch.

We had one each for lunch, and the rest for later in the freezer.


  1. I just loved what you served them with..chickpea stew..wow!!

    1. I looked up Polar Bread afterwards on the internet and I realised that I had got the wrong shape and not quite the right idea of having both sides of a filling. I went more on the pitta side, but Hey they were wonderful. Many thanks Sonya.

  2. THey look yummy. I like the idea of filling them with stew