Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Shubbak el-Habayeb

My lover suggested we share our bun, as my 'Lover's Window' Buns came out quite large, and we are both on a diet of 'elegant sufficiency', eating a little less, and getting used to smaller portions.  My windows look shut though....Maybe next time I would make 16 buns to get some a smaller size.

They are delicious with the aroma of rose water, orange blossom water, cardamon and mahlab.

This is a recipe from the Iraq region, and has lots of sugar for 12 buns:  100g.  Next time I make these I shall activate the yeast in the milk with a little of the sugar and some flour, before adding it to rest within its cocoon of sugared flour.  Jane Mason in her Book of Buns gives the first technique for most of her recipes...add the yeast and liquid into a well into the flour, close by flicking some of the flour over, and leave to rest for an hour, before kneading.


  1. Do you have the book? Or maybe you have one that you feel that everytime you try a recipe you are amazed each one is spot on.