Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Snittsidan Bullar

'Cut Side Bun' in Swedish, so I am told.  Another great bake from The Book of Buns.

This is a great shaping technique which I shall be trying on other buns.  You roll all your dough into a long tight sausage, then cut slices.  The cut surface is sticky so it is put into a bowl of mixed seeds, then put on a baking tray to rise.  As there is no tight top skin as on a rolled bun, they expand sideways rather than mostly upwards, so leave plenty of space.  This gives a nice shaped roll for filling.  While still hot, you brush it with olive oil.

Again another bun containing rye...so tasty.  Yes I know ....cos I just ate the tiny ones!


  1. I need to start baking again as your bread looks so appetising

    1. Hope you post on Quilts and Cakes, so let me know when you are baking again. This book really has so many top recipes, I have nearly caught up with the list on Face Book, and I learnt so many techniques.

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