Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Holiday

This year we went to Alnwick, home of Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Gardens; two weeks up 'north', where during the first week, it was cool enough to need the heating on at night, and the second just about warm enough to walk along the beach without a coat, and all this time they were having a heat wave back home.

Our flat was really lovely, very well appointed, and stretched across two Georgian Houses at second floor level within a stone's throw of the market square, and being in the pedestrianized area with no traffic really peaceful.

Loving baskets, I was chuffed when Mr S bought me my first little gift of the holiday from the Basket & Co stall at the market piled high with sweet smelling veta vera grass baskets made by a Fair Trade Co-operative in Northern Ghana called Bolgatanga.

It wasn't long before we felt drawn to the coast.  We walked to castles, played on beaches, and went pond dipping.

It poured with rain whilst we were on Holy Island, but after it seemed every drop has fallen, it cleared and we made our way round the ruins, then to the Castle.  On the way there we stopped to walk around Bamburgh, and visited the Grace Darling Museum.

On one of the days when Vicki was staying with us we traveled inland to visit Armstrong's Home at Craigside.  We had been two or three times before, but there is so much to see there.  Being an inventor his home was a showcase for all that was new: light bulbs, his own hydro electric generating plant, lifts etc.  His home is full of superb furniture, and collections, carvings etc.

On the way there we stopped by a really beautiful isolated little church: St John the Baptist which was built in the 11th and 12th Century, and right by the 13th Century Edlingham Castle.

Best of all was playing on the beach, and all the wonderful wild flowers which were at their best.

I shall write a little more on another day........


  1. Do love the coastline up there. Good that you got to see the area in all kinds of weather!
    Heather :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I lived in Newcastle for a short while many moons ago and had the odd day out at the seaside. The Northumberland coastline is fabulous.