Sunday, 19 July 2015

Staying local

For several years we have travelled to Kelmarsh Hall for History Live.  I'm not a history buff, but I love reading novels set in the past, visiting museums, looking at  architecture, watching history type documentaries on TV, and understand that what happened in the past has a strong bearing on how we live our lives now.  Often I like to be able to put myself in the 'shoes' of other people.

For some reason it had not twigged with me that this very weekend here, just a moderate walk from our home, up at Kenilworth Castle there was a Medieval Festival....

After a morning in the garden, a quick early lunch, off we went.  The weather was fabulous, the grounds well set out, interesting stalls, knights and ladies, scallywags and ruffians too.  We loved looking round all the stalls, and particularly chatting with the 'campers'.  Over the years of reading etc I have gained quite an insight into the domestic angle...of course I love my kitchen, but how about this for a batterie de cuisine...

Mr S discussed pottage and we also talked stews with this 'pot stirrer'

I love the fact that you could buy indulgences and pardons: medieval equivalent of going to your 'therapist' to talk over problems and find 'resolution' perhaps?

We found a sheltered bench against an ancient walk and with a pint of good ale for him and a half of excellent Perry for me, we sat and chatted, and watch the world and his dog go past.  We really love all the 'enactor dogs', they get a nice pat and chat from both of us!

Going again today...I bought three masks, 'Green Men and Women' and want three more for the gazebo.  Just updated these: got 3 more masks and a plant from the English Heritage Stall...a golden sunny plant in go into what is evolving into my golden corner, as apposed to the pink, mauve theme elsewhere.


  1. I'm like you, I love history. If you are ever in South Wales you should visit St Fagans Museum of Welsh LIfe. It has houses from all over Wales and through all ages from Celtic Round huts to 1950's prefabs. It's a great day out

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, its been on our to do list for a long time, and now you have prompted me, so maybe a few days in that area in the autumn would be the perfect opportunity to visit.