Friday, 10 July 2015

When you cannot fit anymore empty jars into the cupboard, and feeling very sorry for myself.

On Monday, a friend brought back some empty jars, they were lingering at the end of the counter, and as Hubby is the very tidy sort, he took them out to put them into the 'empty jar' cupboard.  There was no room, it is a full 'empty jar' cupboard.

So, I have not been making many preserves recently, and the jar and preserve cupboard is starting to look a little sparse.  I took my last jar of Courgette Chutney as a gift for Vicky:  a well traveled jar having been taken from Kenilworth to Alnwick, then back to London.

With wonderful rich apricots available locally,  1 Kg was transformed into a luscious compote.  The kernels were easy to extract, which give that lovely amaretto flavour to the preserve.

On Thursday I just could not resist the large mangoes on the market, so I bought a couple.  When I arrived home I got all my books out to find a suitable preserve, found one which would form the basis of 'my version', and realised that I would just have time to rush out to buy a couple more.

That is when I realised that I had 'lost' my lovely solitaire ring, which was my mother's.  I turned the house upside down, then I rushed into town, and went to every place I had been that morning.  I ended up with blisters from running around, made a statement for what now stands as a Police point at the local library, when the assistant could not even bring up the sheet.  No is is not stolen, just lost. It could have fallen off my finger.... It could also be in the garden, as I did a silly thing of having my lunch in the garden, all bejeweled, then did a little quick dead heading!  I have never lost a piece of jewelry before, so I am gutted, as when I put on the ring, several times a day, I think of my lovely Mum.  I have other rings, so will have to select a new one for everyday wear.  I just hope that if anyone finds it, it will find itself back to me, or the person will sell it, and use the money wisely.

I have been having a dreadful pain the face, and on Tuesday was relieved to find out that it wasn't anything to do with my teeth, even though that is where I feel the pain.  The Dentist was wonderful, and explained everything to me with the help of the is either neuralgia or an infection of the sinuses.  Does that explain or maybe excuse my rash behaviour in loosing my ring?  Well I can just about hear what Mum would have to say about that!

This morning with all the ingredients, I made Mango Chutney for the first time...why have I waited so long?  I love Mangoes, I love Chutney, and I usually buy Mango Chutney.  I'll write up my recipe on Mrs Mace Preserves.

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