Friday, 10 July 2015

Perfect Breakfast

I would say the perfect breakfast is always the one before you and the one you are about to eat...

Some people do not eat breakfast, and very sadly there are probably still people in the world who do not have much for breakfast.

This one during the week, used the last bits from the bottom of the fruit and fiber cereal, the little bits you wonder whether you should feed to the birds.  They were 'improved' with a splash of goats milk, a little sheep's yogurt, some berries from the garden from my Kenilworth Castle miniature strawberries, and the last little chunk of honey in the honeycomb, from my friend Nicki whose hubby Mike has a hive or two.  I try to make this honeycomb last and use it when I need cheering up:  I had this pain the jaw, and my dearly beloved was away working.

Yes: a good breakfast, in the conservatory on a nice sunny morning, can lift the spirits.

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