Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hurrah for the Cherry Season

I love cherries....and was invited to by my friend Roz for the afternoon on Tuesday to pick cherries.  I am a climber, have always been.  I brought these bright shiny, ripe,  cooking cherries home......

After a full morning stoning, to give 2.75Kg fruit, and 2 Kg sugar, and three lemons, and an afternoon pot stirring....

I cracked some stones, and put the small kernels in the jam, so when it is dreary and wet, out will come this delicious concoction, and whether it is to make a lovely tart with frangipane, or to be put with yogurt, I shall remember the lovely afternoon spent picking cherries.  Roz also told me how she uses it with duck breasts, how delicious.


  1. I love cherries too. I would love a tree ( or two ) in the garden. Unfortunately my daughter likes them too and like my raspberries she'll strip the tree/bush

    1. Your daughter has the right idea... she is low maintenance, as there is no need for you to pick the fruit, or cook it, or serve it up. Time to get a cherry tree I think!

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