Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Another Good Read

This is the second book by Tracy Chevalier that I have read within a few weeks.  At first I read the book slowly, pausing to appreciate the well chosen words, to make up the picture in my mind, to feel for the characters.  I did not want to finish this book quickly, even though I wanted to know what would happen, I did not skip to read the end and then to go back and read the in between bits.  

I picked up the book, read small sections, then thought about it, and a few hours later, read a little more etc.  I loved the bits about finding yourself in a different country, to be amongst strangers.  I thoroughly empathized with that, the time that letters took, well for me they took over a week or two, rather than several months.  I felt the differences in food, housing, culture etc.  I enjoyed the bits about quilting, which reminded me of the bits of started quilts which I have never finished and which are stashed away somewhere.  

I finished the book a few days ago, and already have Tracy Chevalier withdrawal symptoms.  To meet that, I've booked another one from the library, and will get out the Video of Girl with the Pearl Earring out to watch again, though it will be interesting to read the book and compare it with the film.

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