Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Coventry Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers Exhibition

I joined the guild a couple of years ago, but found that spinning affected my hand adversely, and I even went to a local group for a lesson recently, and still had the same problem.  However this does not mean that I am any the less interested in this sphere.

Trish loves her yarn, and her art, and thought I would like to visit this year's exhibition.  I enjoyed and was amazed by the large range of items.

This necklace made of  Dorset buttons, has inspired me to get out my bag of bits and hoops and the book I bought, and get some 'mini' weaving going. What a coincidence too that Dorset Buttons were 'woven' into the story of the book which I am reading at the moment:  Burning Bright by Tracey Chevalier Book.

Knitted Flowers

Part of the collection of Dog's Fur Yarn

A jumper of many parts

and finally I recognized the work of Theo Wright and much admired his scarves.

The sheen on this silk one caught the low autumn sunshine beautifully.

There were so many other fine if not finer exhibits, and lastly I want a great woven throw in the raffle.

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  1. Wow...that was some meeting, Noelle! I love those dorset buttons ;-)