Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bouikos with Feta and Spring Onion

When I am at friends, I love looking at their book shelves, and having had lunch at Honey & Co, Vicki pointed me in the direction of her new Book.  I wrote down the recipe in my 'Knitting Note Book'....

Yesterday I had a Pilates friend round for a soup lunch after class.  Roz invites me from time to pick blackcurrants and have lunch there, so this was a 'return' visit.  I made up a great pot of carrot soup, but which also had onions, celery, leek, fresh ginger and fresh coriander.  Although I also had a really good loaf of seeded bread, I thought a little starter in the warm sunshine would be just the ticket.

I knocked up a batch of bouikos 

I adapted the recipe as I did not have any sour cream, and used half milk and half sheep yogurt, the barrel aged feta and the cheese were sheeps, and the butter was goat's.  I used chives from the garden.  Cows milk products would be fine, but we both feel so much better without them.

Then patting down the dough I followed my quick sketches

and using the palette knife, made little triangles

and as the recipe said, eat fresh, and they freeze well at the raw stage, but thaw for 30 to 40 mins.

They went into the oven, at Gas Mark 7, and I refreshed them for a few minutes at No 4, whilst I was pouring a couple of sherries, and dishing out the olives.  With this gorgeous warm weather we sat in the garden...but I forgot to take the cooked pictures...I shall update with the cooked frozen ones when I get round to baking them.

The Bouikos are a really great little starter...and I will make more to stash away in the freezer.  Of course, I am going to play with the flavourings though this one with nigella seeds and chives was delicious.  I think they are a little like super cheesed up scones, but made with plain flour.  I think maybe half plain and half self raising flour would be worth trying.

I am getting just like my Mum...she used to have dinner parties with several courses, and was well organised planning the dishes and making them in advance.

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