Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Present from Daisy

Whilst in the middle of our knitting morning, there was a ring at the door.....

It was the postman with a parcel....

Just knowing it was there, was balm to my frazzled soul....

It sat in the hall until one minute after my friends left....

Taking great care with the scalpel, what with one finger already bound up with a  plaster, I found a healthy looking specimen.  It was well boxed, wrapped up, and had survived its journey well

Daisy, who writes a delightful blog, has sent me my first Epiphyllum.

I have followed Daisy's instructions, and potted it up.

Purple Delight Epiphyllum potted up

I have read up how best to look 'Purple Daisy', and I think for the winter it will be in the bathroom, and in the summer it will live hanging from the Gazebo Roof.

Thank you so much Daisy


  1. That's the sort of parcel that puts a smile on my face too.
    Heather :)

  2. My pleasure ! I hope it flowers for you is not rare exactly but it is a more unusual one .