Saturday, 18 October 2014

Kenilworth Flower Festival

Last weekend The Kenilworth & District Churches had a Flower Festival celebrating Harvests of the World.  We visited the churches over two days, so had tea and cake twice!

Each venue approached their continent in a differing way.  So much work and research, fund raising and organisation went into making this a terrific weekend.  I took so many pictures but here are just one from each church and a banner from the Methodist Church

 I visit the Methodist Church quite regularly for lectures and also other classes, although I have never been to a service there.  They have some lovely needlework banners, in the modern idiom to suit their building

 St Barnabas Church UK & Scandinavia

 St Francis of Assisi - Asia

 St Nicholas Church - Africa

Methodist Church - Mediterranean

United Reform Church - South America

All Saints Leek Wootton - India

Leek Wootton had so many fabulous displays, and also they had a scene with Mother Teresa kneeling by a bed with a mosquito net praying for a dying person.

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