Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fungi Season continues

Monday morning I am frequently 'at home', and look out for a visit from Penny.  Also with her, this week was little Daniel, her little grandson, for whom I keep the little miniature strawberries, and he can just about toddle down the garden and we are encouraging him to pick them himself, maybe next time.

Penny brought me an early Christmas Present: a Bundt tin and a long cake tin.  So I think some festive baking recipe research is now on the cards.

Penny had noticed this clump of fungi as she got off the bus, so of course, on her way out, we went to have a look, and I took these pictures which shows the interesting pattern which reaches down the stem.  I believe they are Shaggy Pholiota.

On my way back, I showed a neighbour the pictures and he said that a large tree used to grow there many years ago.

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