Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Good Read

Many many years ago, as part of my Open University Degree and for just a few months, I was introduced to fossils.  In museums I am drawn to them, but I do not have the type of mind to remember all the names etc.  I just love the fossilness of fossils.  I can spot them easily on the beach, or even amongst pebbles on walks.  I collect a few, and they end up for a few months in my stone dish, then into the garden.

I like a good read, and when the subject can add a layer of interest with its social and historic context, all the better.  Tracey Chevalier's Remarkable Creatures is well written.  I read the first part slowly taking in every little cameo.  I read all the way to London, and being so well looked after in London, and having a couple of peaceful hours in bed in the morning, whilst Vicki was at the Gym, I finished the book.  

The place of women in society is sympathetically traced, we have gone a long way since then.  I so enjoyed  the description of Lyme, so that is now on my list of places to visit soon.  

I was pleased to have found such a good book to read.  Another one which I pulled off the shelves at the local library.


  1. I read this one last year...she writes so beautifully! Have you read her other books? Or seen 'A Girl with the Girl Earring'...with the lovely Colin Firth?!


  2. Ooh and Izzi and I went fossil hunting in Lyme Regis (with Tamsin too) this May on our holiday there. I think Izabelle drew fossils at nursery for the following 2 months, so it was a hit with her!

  3. You must let me know of other good reads. I need good escapism to counterbalance all the bad news and turmoil in the world.

    We have the Girl with the Pearl Earring on DVD, but I think the book will be worth reading.

    All Tracy Chevalier's books will be on my reading list!